I make things.  I write things.  Sometimes I write about making things.

Liz Noonan is a multidisciplinary artist who’s work has been shown in galleries throughout the Boston area. Liz had her work featured in the Mass Art Presidents Report as the Alumni in spotlight “Making History” where they talk about her project “25 People, 25 Bucks, 25 pieces of Art” which she launched through Kickstarter . This work is comprised of other peoples’ collections, which they sent to her, she remade and then sent them back to the original owner, transformed into art.
Liz launched her second art project, “P.Art“, and was able to acquire funding through Kickstarter in just 3 days. This new project is a off-shoot of the “25 Project”.

Her work has been feautured on several Indie Art blogs, such as Whipup, Craft, Yankee Crafty Bitch and others.

She holds a BFA in 3D from The Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is the creator and Team Captain of the MassArt Etsy Team.  Liz is the owner of the blog “Liz Noonan” where she talks about her work and life.


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