Crafting up a storm!

We’ve been inspired over here by the snow storm. My daughter Millie made some clothes for her Mimi Kirchner dolls, she did a lot of the work herself and picked out the fabric, which at times is the hardest part! So many choices….



Just look at that happy face, so proud!

I made some cookies from felt for my youngest, Eloise. She needed a little something for her kitchen, it’s been a while. Must of her play food

is left over from the older girls and it shows its wear by now.


It’s nice to get a break from the Christmas crafting and just make things for the fun of it.
What are you all doing in the snow today?

One thought on “Crafting up a storm!

  1. Wow! What fancy cookies! Any little girl would love those. Kylee and Kaleb have been visiting us. Kylee made mint-chocloate chip cookies this morning. They are headed home with their other grandparents now. Aaron was here to play with them so we had a noisey household for awhile.
    We got about 2 inches of snow last night; it is quite cold today. We saw weather channel photos of Boston a bit ago; looks like you are getting a lot of snow. Enjoy your crafting and stay warm!

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