Gifts for little ones, made by (not quite as) little ones.

My sister had a baby boy recently, so I finally have a nephew!  Yippee!!!  In our family, there is me and my two sisters.  I have three girls, my middle sister has three girls and now my youngest sister, bucking the trend, gave us a little boy.  How lucky are we???

My girls wanted to make this wee little one some nautical themed gifts.  My sister is very cool, has a great sense of style and might work for one of the most amazing fashion companies ever.  She puts me to shame she’s so fancy.  Needless to say, she can buy anything for that baby boy, but we all know here she would love handmade over anything bought.

Here is what the girls made:

Annabelle made a pot of lobsters. The lobsters are made from Michael Miller fabric, backed with red twill.  The pot is made from heavy duty canvas and it’s lined with fusible fleece which made it sturdy and very pot-like.  Annabelle did a great job, the whole idea was hers and I think the execution is great.

IMG_20130414_114728IMG_20130414_114811 IMG_20130414_114836 IMG_20130414_115140

Millie made a Mama fish, fashioned from her favorite pink sweater, and some babies from my sisters sweater.  How sweetly sentimental is that?  Millie made her own pattern for the fish and they are part machine an d part hand-sewn.   Millie is a sweetheart and she worked hard on those fishy eyes!

IMG_20130414_114953 IMG_20130414_115007 IMG_20130414_115022 IMG_20130414_115014IMG_20130414_115043

The thing I like about this best is the pride the girls have in making something unique, that’s from the heart.  They love their Auntie and now they love that baby!!!

What did I make?  A baby quilt of course!  How cool is that orange and blue lobster fabric?  I did a really easy strip quilt, though to be honest it took me forever!  And I can’t figure out why since really, shouldn’t this have been super easy?  I mean, it’s all straight lines!

IMG_20130414_115237 IMG_20130414_115253 IMG_20130414_115243IMG_20130414_174718

And because I wanted my sister to have something sort of  “girly” for her, I made her a matching necklace from the quilt fabric.  She loves it and it can double as a teether.  I’ll post a tutorial on how to make the necklace soon, it was easy and I got to use my fabric scraps.

Congratulations to my beautiful sister and brother inlaw on their beautiful baby boy!

IMG_20130414_174636 IMG_20130414_174643PS) I KNOW.  That owl is OUT of control cool. I covet that owl.

6 thoughts on “Gifts for little ones, made by (not quite as) little ones.

  1. How cute and clever are all of the baby gifts! I would have never thought of all of that! The girls are doing such nice work!

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