Egg dying with silk!

Liz Noonan

Okay, pictures as promised! To do this all you do is

1) cut up a silk tie
2)wrap the egg w/the silk print “good side” touching the shell, close off w/elastic band or tie off w/twine – I did the elastic bc I’m a little lazy.

3) wrap the silk covered egg in some kind of cotton, I used old scraps of anything I had lying around and then tie that off or wrap w/elastic, again, I did the lazy route.

4) In a NON METAL pot, place eggs in, cover in water

5) Add 3 tbs vinegar, I just threw in a big ole’ splash of it.

6) Boil for 30 minutes.

7) Let cool off!  EASY!  and not messy at all.

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