Naturally dying eggs!

Liz Noonan

We wanted to try dying eggs naturally over here after reading about it here.  We opted to go with the cold method of dying since it would take many turns at the stove and I wanted the girls to be able to do it themselves.

For the beets, blueberries, tomato, tumeric and blackberries we boiled them first.  I used about a handful of each to a 2 quart saucepan.  I covered each fruit of spice with water and boiled them each for about 10 minutes, added a big old splash of vinegar (the more you use the more intense the color) and poured that through a sieve, placed them into jars, and allowed them to cool.

For the coffee and tea I just used the leftovers I had from the past couple of days and added the vinegar to the jar.

We placed eggs in bowls, and covered them…

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