My Cashmere Bunny Remake Tutorial, for you DIYers looking for a little sweater remake for Easter!

Liz Noonan

Well, perhaps you’ve been looking at my Facebook page, and you see I’ve been crafting my husbands old sweaters into little bunnies for my nieces and daughters.  I’ve promised you I’d make a tutorial, so here you go!  I will warn you – I am a very ad hoc person – I don’t measure, I live for the moment of making and also I love the freedom to alter things as I go.  If you decide to use this tute and blog about it, I’d love a little link love.  And if you want to sell something you’ve made using my tutorial, more power to  you!  Just please give me a little credit when you do and link to my blog, thanks!


Take an old sweater, this one is wool/cashmere blend

Cut off the arm of the sweater

Cut that in two

Use the widest part first, this…

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