Mudroom rehab, Yikes! pictures

The first room we walked into at the open house for our new home was the mud room.  It was a huge let-down to walk into that room.  It had dark paneling, no light and was quite dismal.  Our home, however, is a cheerful, bright little spot on a long road with lots of old farms, some new construction and mostly lots of trees.  I love how it’s like a little ray of sunshine when you mosey up to it.  This room does not reflect the personality of our house!

I tried my best to take photos but they all look awful because frankly…..the room is pretty awful.  It’s great now, short of a remodel it’s about as good as I can make it.  Mostly I’m thrilled because I actually have a mudroom and a place for all my girls coats, bags and whatnot.

NOKIA Lumia 710_001602NOKIA Lumia 710_001603 NOKIA Lumia 710_001601 NOKIA Lumia 710_001597 NOKIA Lumia 710_001596

yikes, right?  I left the really dark picture because it was the only one I didn’t alter with the filter on Iphoto.  All of these photos had to be adjusted.  On the entry there is one door and one window.  Directly in front of you is the other side of the room, one door that goes out the back.  It’s pretty square and utilitarian.

I’m neck deep in a long project of painting and remodeling.  Most likely it will take us three years to get our home where we want it, possibly more.  This is the third home we have owned together, my husband and I.  We have lived in 5 different apartments and 3 homes in our 15 years together!  That’s a lot!  We have painted and updated every time.  We love a project but we hope this is the last one for at least 10 years!

Look for the “After” pictures on Thursday!


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