We are settling in over here slowly…slowly.  We have moved room to room deciding what to keep, what to change, what to paint, who sleeps where, etc.  There is so much to love about our new home.  It is so quiet here.  My driveway is bigger than any yard I’ve ever had, ever, growing up.  I look out my window and I see trees.  I can see a neighbor or two but not close enough to see IN my home or theirs.  I was unsure of how I would feel about that.  There is a certain coziness in urban life, buzzing that hums and makes you feel safe.  Being in an area with room used to make me feel like I needed to find some pavement, fast!  But now I am enjoying the peace and feel relaxed.  And I am seeing the gift of having neighbors with space in between and even though we are not close in proximity, we can feel close all the same.  One of my neighbors rode her bicycle to deliver homemade bread for Christmas.  That made me feel warm, welcome and a part of something.  I feel like I can begin now and maybe not move from this spot for some time.  That’s new for me.  I’ve never settled in one spot but I think I can do it and feel good about it.  Growing roots, that’s what I’m doing.

In fact, right now, I am writing this from. my. studio.  Okay, maybe not STUDIO maybe it’s part guest room, part studio.  I unpacked and put away a lot of things, my husband built shelves for me and I can finally see what I have and sit and make a thing or two.  This space is shared, but there is a door here and it can be quiet and maybe I can write more and MAKE more.

Fingers crossed.  Thank you for still coming by even with all the quiet.  New good things are coming this year friends, for you as well I hope.





5 thoughts on “2013

  1. I am beyond happy for you all Liz! This piece of writing is so beautiful and full of happiness : ) Can’t wait to see what you will create. Happy New Year my friend xxxx

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