Print your own fabric with kids

I had my girls make these sections of fabric for my mother in law for her birthday.  This would make an excellent gift for a sewist or quilter, or even to frame.

Supplies needed


glue gun

PFD muslin or fabric

Fabric paint or markers

First I had the girls draw a single design three times so we could have a few to choose from.
Tip: The simpler the better, printing with children can get messy!

I took a glue gun and simply covered the drawing with the glue.  After it dried I used scrap cardboard handles to make it easier to print with.
Tip: Trim close to the image so you don’t get overlap of color where it’s not wanted.

I had the girls paint directly onto the stamp and then press onto the fabric.  You can get 3 or more prints with each turn.  I don’t recommend dipping the ink with this kind of stamp, it’s too messy and the image doesn’t come through well.

Allow to dry and then color in (or leave blank) the image with fabric markers.

After it’s dry, through in the dryer for 30 minutes on high and you’re done!

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3 thoughts on “Print your own fabric with kids

  1. As the grandmother who received the fabrics, I can testify to their beauty! They’re going to go into a quilt someday.

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