Pickling is not just for cucumbers

I am kind of obsessed with pickles.  I love them.  I love pickle and cheese sandwiches (no bread), pickle and hummus wraps, and just plain old pickles.  Last year I started learning how to can my own pickles, but I prefer a plain old fridge pickle.

You can pickle just about any veggie.  You just put them in a mix of mostly vinegar to water, I like the 3/4 vinegar to 1/4 mix.  Add salt, and whatever other spices you like, stick it in the fridge and next day – YUM!  It’s amazing tho technically this is not pickling, for those of you who care about such things.  Pickling is fermenting, but let’s not quibble about such things.

Here is some summer squash and heirloom tomato that I pickled, it lasted one day bc the kids love it as much as I do.  Last night we had pickled tomato, bacon and lettuce wraps.



2 thoughts on “Pickling is not just for cucumbers

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