Really fun project I did that would make great gifts for summer bbq’s! Easy to make, too.

Liz Noonan

Okay, I am just going to go ahead and admit it – this is really, really, really cool.  I was going to make Debbie’s project a simple picnic blanket and I am so glad I pushed my mind a little further!

I wanted to make something special for Debbie.  One of the things I know she likes to do is catch up with friends over a glass of wine or beer, she also loves anything English, so I combined the two.  An English toile beer cozy with the fabric she gave me and added a little ivory lace for good measure.

Cute, huh?  But I couldn’t stop there!  What if there are guys on the deck?  So I made his and hers cozies…

When having a beer in the summer from the bottle ( I always go straight for the bottle, why bother for a glass you are just going…

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