PART Update

Hello friends of PART.

I have completed PART and will be putting up a post soon along with pictures and the location will be made available to supporters of the project.

This took me much longer than I had anticipated .  The last year has been a trial for my family.  We’ve made the decision to Homeschool (temporarily) due to one of my girls having struggles that went unresolved regardless of our efforts.  This put a big dent in my time to work. We put our home on the market and sold it.  Now we are looking for a new home so that we may send our children to better schools.  My youngest daughter has some medical issues that need to be sorted out and she is scheduled for surgery in July.

It’s been a long road friends.  Please don’t think my silence on the project means that it has been forgotten.  In fact, I have thought about it every day and wondered how to balance making art during a time when being a very good, stable, present mother is needed.  I have felt your presence and appreciate your patience, your support and your trust.  Thank you.

Pictures will be posted and rewards will be mailed out in the next 3 weeks after I receive prints.



One thought on “PART Update

  1. Oh Liz it has been a hard time for you but with your house sold and the chance to start afresh things are looking up! PArt has been the last thing on your mind and rightly so, you have been a good mama and that is how it should be. I just saw your tweet about kickstarter and wondered if I had missed a major part of PArt.

    I hope all you worries will soon be gone and send a massive hug to you and your family. I hope your youngest will be fine, I am sure she will be in good hands. We have been through a few operations with J when he was small and it is such a worrying time so my heart goes out to you.

    Take care of you and yours like I know you do already.

    Jane xxx

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