Dying eggs with silk

I posted this originally 2 years ago and it’s a great way to dye eggs.  The best part is you can keep the silk and reuse it!

Okay, pictures as promised! To do this all you do is

1) cut up a silk tie
2)wrap the egg w/the silk print “good side” touching the shell, close off w/elastic band or tie off w/twine – I did the elastic bc I’m a little lazy.

3) wrap the silk covered egg in some kind of cotton, I used old scraps of anything I had lying around and then tie that off or wrap w/elastic, again, I did the lazy route.

4) In a NON METAL pot, place eggs in, cover in water

5) Add 3 tbs vinegar, I just threw in a big ole’ splash of it.

6) Boil for 30 minutes.

7) Let cool off!  EASY!  and not messy at all.


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