Making the plunge

Well, you have noticed by now this blog has slowed down a bit.   Our family has decided to Homeschool.  There are many reasons for this, which I will talk about later once I figure out how this is all going to work.  I’m unraveling what I know and what I don’t, the way things should be vs. the way they are.  And I mean this in many ways, how our children have been learning, how we feel they should be learning, how to let them be creative and play and how to support them in life in general.

And I’ve been struggling to find time to make work.  And I have to figure this all out somehow and still maintain a blog, which takes a lot of work, but I do love blogging so I want to try to do more of that, too.  There’s the fact that I have 3 young children, which requires a lot of work – and a lot of love – and I get a lot of love out of that, believe me.
But mostly right now when I have time, to myself, I want to make something, rather than write about it – so that’s where I am right now.

I do plan to start a new Homeschooling blog altogether since I really need a separation between what I do as an artist and crafter, and what I do as a parent.  I have a site too – but it’s not “live” yet, hold on for that.

I hope you’ll still visit and continue to be patient with me while I figure this all out.  I appreciate all the support from friends in “real” life and online life.





5 thoughts on “Making the plunge

  1. Hi Liz, glad to hear from you on your blog as you have been very quiet here lately. I think you are taking on an awful lot and I know I could not do what you are doing and I admire you for it.

    My son has been lucky enough to enjoy school and I do believe he learns an awful lot from it such as mixing with other kids and dealing with life’s situations and I am not sure he would get such a rounded education (academically and socially) at home. He is an only child though which is very different to your situation.

    I know you will give it your best shot and it doesn’t have to be forever if you do find it too hard. I hope you enjoy every minute of being with your beautiful girls and I truly hope it all works out well.

    Love and hugs
    Jane xx

    • Thank you for continuing to stop by Jane. It’s been hard to feel like anything I’ve had to talk about lately should be on the blog…it felt too private.
      I think this will be best for my girls…I’ll talk about it more later when it’s more sorted out and less emotional.

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