A Very Vintage Christmas part 1

Do you love vintage ornaments?  I do.  They remind me of being at my grandmothers house for Christmas.  I can remember being about 5 or so, eating cinnamon ribbon candy and eyeing my grandmothers mercury glass ornaments and just feeling….lost…in a wonderful way….looking into the prisms of glass and round balls and feeling almost hypnotized by the color and light.

I’ll be doing a little vintage Etsy roundup over here until the New Year.  For part 1, here are some great deals I found on Etsy if you are looking to find a few of your own mercury glass treasures and recapture that moment.

$25 for 12, in the box, vintage ornaments.  Sold by Avocado Harvest.

Super snazzy collection of 12 glass balls, in a rainbow of colors, sold by Flossy’s Treasures only $27.99.

6 gorgeous aqua blue glass bells by Mikes Leather Design, $29.95 and drool worthy.

Box of 10 shiny gold ball ornaments, so simple and beautiful!  Only $10 and free shipping, sold by Katyagray.

Set of 12 really gorgeous bronzy pink mercury glass balls for $25 by Dear Macy.

Darling miniature glass balls, 30 of them! Sold by Jewels things, $8.07 USD.


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