Crazy Craigslist

I’m obsessed with Craigslist.   The desk I’m writing this from was a Clist score.  Things you didn’t even know you needed until you searched for everything in your town under “antiques”, jump at you with “I NEED THIS”.

Click the links for pix since I can’t seem to attach images, it’s worth it.

Golden Touch Typewriter, year unknown, $25.


Gigantic wood slab of one piece of wood, marketed as a “counter” $300, but I’m sure this would make some amazing, something….else.

Vintage mexican flower pots (1500 of them), flower pot stands, and a Uhaul from 1992, $3300.

A 1953 Mcmorick Standard Super W-6 Tracker, $2700.


Rotary phones, from 1965 through 1979, $20 each.






2 thoughts on “Crazy Craigslist

  1. I’m glad I didn’t see the phones (also being a craig’s list scourer). My mom got me an old princess phone for my birthday last year. I’m obsessed with calling people from my house now because it sounds better and it feels like being a kid on the phone. I just bought another one to steal some of the guts for my favorite one.

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