Composition Notebook remake

This is a short tutorial on how to remake a composition notebook, you can see more pictures here on this post, Back to School Party.

You will need

Composition notebooks

Bookbinders cloth tape (I used black cloth tape from Paper Source)

Adhesive (I used Scotch brand spray adhesive)

Sharp utility knife

Cardstock or any other heavy weight paper for covers.  Cut it to size but worry about finishing the rounded edges later.

Take your project outside when spraying adhesive.

Lay everything out on a piece of cardboard.  I used a pizza box.  We have more than we probably should.

Moving quickly, spray your new cover with adhesive, and place it on top of your notebook.

See how it’s not totally lined up?  That’s okay because you can trim it afterward.

Open up your notebook and place your bookbinder tape on the spine.  This gives it a finished look and also makes it a bit more sturdy.

Flip over your book and with your utility knife, trim the excess cardstock off.

Stack of finished notebooks.
Hope that helps those of you who wanted to know how to make these.  If you have any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.


One thought on “Composition Notebook remake

  1. Well, color me educated. I had no idea spray adhesive existed. This is to say nothing of bookbinders’ tape. (Adding this to my long if-I-ever-get-to-a-craft-store list.)

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