Get Your Craft On Tuesday!

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Pics from the Notebook Party!  It was a success!  And even my 2 year old managed to make a notebook!

The set up for each child included a notebook, glue stick, and cup for putting stickers in.  I had it set up buffet style so they could each take what they wanted, and then head back to their places.  That way, no one ran off with a whole sheet of coveted 3D butterfly stickers 😉

Each table also had plenty of markers, and letter stickers.

Some pics of the notebooks the kiddos made;

A lot of children brought stickers to share, which worked out great.  We also used paper punched shapes so they had some shapes to choose from as well;

And we made a few “sample boards” to use for reference, this is helpful to get the kids going.

We had a lot of snacks, a lot of fun and a lot of crafting going on here today!  I think it will ease the nerves of some of the kids going back to school.

Tutorial on how to make your own to follow soon!




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