Fab Find Friday

I am about to share with you the most amazing, ridiculous, coolest collection I’ve done yet for Fab Find Friday.

Eh hem.  Ready yourself peeps.

A cat wearing a reindeer hat!  I am totally making my grouchy Russian Blue cat wear this sucker!  From Scooter Knits!



How will we ever be the same after seeing this freaking amazing candy corn hat?

No. Stop it. This is on SALE.  Cat ears for dogs.  By Jessica Lynn Art from “All You Need is Pug”.

And just in case you have sibling pugs, they can be all matchy Indie cool with these candy corn hats.

A little pig hat – from Hatz for Bratz.    For when your doggie’s not feeling quite “themselves”.

An Elfkin hat for a greyhound.  This may end up in my canine nephew’s stocking for xmas.

And to wrap up this awesome Fab Find Friday I give you Bitch Knits.  They make hats and accessories for cats, like this totally punk rawrk mohawk hat, in rainbow and white.


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