Fab Find Friday

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Fab Find Friday.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses, and am considering having lenses put into old frames.  I did that once with a beautiful pair of pearl ones, but alas, they did break.  I’m feeling the fall cat eyeglass vibe and the ones I see at the regular places just aren’t doing it for me, so here are some vintage cat eye frames inspiration.

Fancy!  And bejeweled, vintage frames from Junk Yard Gypsy.

Mid-Century cool Faux Bois from Coral Vintage.

Meow!  Pastel cool! From Coral Vintage also.

My fave so far, olive green w/pearl accents?  Fabulous!  From Vintage 50’s Eyewear.

Classic black cat, with clear bottoms – can’t go wrong with these, right?  Also from Vintage 50’s Eyewear.













4 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday

  1. OOh, love these!!! I kind of like the last one (black cat with the clear on the bottom!) hmmmm…..

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