Once you have a home-made pickle, there really is no going back.  Of course, once I feed my family a home-made pickle, they eat them like there’s no tomorrow!

Evidence of  pickling;

We now have 4 jars left out of 16.  I made this batch of dill, garlic and salt pickles about 2 weeks ago.

And yes, we shared a few jars but now the kids keep begging me not to share anymore so this week I’m off to check out more pickling cucumbers at local farms to make about, oh, 20 jars more.

On my list is to make a spicy pickle, I’m thinking of chili pepper and then maybe some dill and horse radish.

What are you making this summer?

2 thoughts on “Pickles!

  1. I have to start a few small bushing cucumbers (from seed) because the huge Jurassic-sized ghost cucumbers in the garden aren’t producing. It’s full of flowers only. I wait….

    Thank you for the inspiring post!

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