Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

Lately I am committed to using every bit of lemon….I may be in a crisis but let’s not talk about that for now, M-Kay?  Okay, I MIGHT be a tad obsessed with lemons right now.  You may have seen my post on making lemonade.

How am I using lemons these days?  Well I’ve also dried it to add to baking soda to make a terrific scrub. This is super easy, yet time-consuming I’ll admit.  You zest the lemons, and leave them to dry for several days.  I didn’t break them up or grind them because I found that got rid of a lot of the natural oils. Yes, I know this because I’ve tried a couple of different methods…add more crazy to the mix please.

I made candied peel to add to tea cake and also for the occasional nibble…this is a really bad picture but trust me these are deeelish.

And the water I used to boil the peel I put a cup of sugar in and now it’s a syrup that I can save to make more lemonade.

And oh yeah, the sugary stuff on the bottom of the pan after candying the peel?  I made a strong tea, added it to the pan and now it’s lemon flavored sweet tea.

Oh, and you can chop up the peel and use it in your garden to ward off pests.  I did it and it seems to have worked around our new trees.

Want instructions?  Let me know by leaving a comment here.  I love providing tutes but it feels silly when no one says anything about it….kind of like an echo of yourself…when only yourself is around to hear it.


5 thoughts on “Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

  1. The lemon ideas look like fun! I can almost smell lemon… one of my favorite odors. Several yeas ago Seventeen magazine had an article about lemons and using lemon halves, after the juice was extracted, to soften skin on elbows. Just put one lemon half on each elbow while you sit at a table, with your hands under you chin, and read for 20 minutes. We did this in class after we extracted the juice for lemon meringue pie. The girls loved lesson! The pies were good too!

  2. fantastic 🙂 Obsession blog posts are definitely worth reading! I’m watching! (I know what you mean about wondering whether people are watching!)

  3. Woman, methinks you’re making up the whole I-have-three-kids bit, since no one with children could do all the wonderful things you do. Sorry. Cold, hard fact right there.

    (Side note. YUM, CANDIED PEEL.)

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