Letting Go and Giving

I’m not sure how to write this…this is something I’ve been rolling around in my brain for a couple of years. Some of you who know me know I lost my father to cancer when I was 19. It had a profound, disjointed, exhausting affect on me. There were things unsaid, questions never answered and “I Love You’s” never spoken. It made me painfully aware of how much I love the people in my life, and unreasonably afraid of losing them. Though not the intention, doing these projects through Kickstarter has been a catharsis for me. I’ve been moved by your losses and found peace in remaking things for you to treasure.

I’ve been thinking about the 25 Project and the P.Art Project, which are about letting go. I’ve been reflecting on the work I’ve made in the past, about how each thing I’ve made is somehow a duplication of something I’ve lost and tried to re-collect. And I’ve been considering all the trust I’ve been given, by so many people, with their precious items and how honored and appreciative I am each time I make something for someone.

What I want to do now is remake, or make things, for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. It doesn’t have to be recent; it doesn’t have to be a perfect, lovely person. It can be a flawed, complicated person – of any age. I know some of you may have lost a brother, a sister, a parent – or even a child. You know the pain of feeling lost within the losing, and the need to cling to something. I think that acknowledging this loss, and letting something go in the process, something of a material nature, can be a healing moment for many.

I am looking for people willing to part with something that belonged to someone dear to them so that I can remake it into something new, with a little hope and love and peace in the remaking process. I want to make something for you that you can love, display or use, and heal along the way.

Examples of things I’ve remade are on my webiste, http://www.liznoonan.com, look under the “25 Project” tab and you’ll find links there to what I’ve made for others.

I’m not looking to do this for pay, it is something I simply want to do for someone else. Do you or does someone you know need some closure? Would a remake of something from their loved one who passed bring them peace? Leave a comment on here or email me directly at liznoonan@gmail.com



* I also posted this on my Facebook page today and was asked if it costs anything ~ it does not.  If you choose to donate something so that I can offset the costs of materials and shipping or feel moved to do so, I’d be honored, but it is not necessary. Thank you for asking.*


8 thoughts on “Letting Go and Giving

  1. as I told you liz, this is an extremely interesting concept, and you are really brave for taking it on. your loss is more than I can understand, but I admire your approach to using it to create new wonderful things.

    in my sr year at massart i I built/ created/ curated an installation based on the idea that memories are intrinsically linked to objects (think, wedding dress) and we hold on to those objects because of the memories that are held within them – but some of our most profound memories never had those physical objects, those items that jog our memory. Or maybe they were destroyed or lost over time.

    I built (or rebuilt) those objects.

    I made a list of things that were important to me from my past – things that had happened, people who had been significant, events, etc… that did not currently have any physical evidence in my life. I created art pieces based on these memories and then built an installation that looked like a living space in which to display them amongst ordinary every day objects – which is what we do with our cherished things, we keep them around, we integrate them into our lives… we push them to the back of our closets, be put them in boxes… but we keep them. And that’s what this project was about – making things to keep.

    (i grabbed this from my blog post- pictures in the post too if you want to see:http://www.merriweathercouncilblog.com/2011/03/empower-yourself-and-your-craftings_12.html )

    best of luck with your project!

  2. Liz, The person who is probably the greatest inspiration for my new path in life was my grandmother. She passed away in January and for many complicated family reasons there was no funeral, no wake, no memorial of any sort. I have not found a way to truly grieve for one of the most amazing women I will ever know and not a day goes by that I don’t thank her for giving me the skills, the strength and the determination to follow my dreams. There are a number of items that I have from her, that I would be willing to part with as a way to begin grieving and letting go. Tell me what would be ideal and how to get it to you and if there is anything else you need to help you with this amazing and generous project. To learn more about Nita, see here: http://greenisthenewblack.squarespace.com/hanging-out/2011/1/10/a-memorial-to-nita-johnson-aka-grandma-johnson.html

    • V, it’s whatever you are willing to part with and ok with having it remade. I read your story and was very touched by it. I am so touched that you are willing to part with something to do this with me. xo

  3. Liz,
    This is a brilliant and inspiring project that I would love to support & participate in. Several years ago my 69 year old father struggled with and eventually died of a brain tumor. The illness was cruel, stealing his emotions and his dignity. The illness took a heart wrenching toll on my then 67 year old mother.
    A year to the day after his passing, my only brother, a young and vital 40 year old man was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the appendix. After a brave, but brutal fight, he died only nine months later. He left my mother, and a young wife and a then 4 year old daughter.
    On the day my brother died, his little girl carefully drew, colored, and cut out a pair on angel wings that she lay on his chest. She told him he would now be able to fly off to heaven with the angels that were coming to get him.
    The passage of time has dried the tears, but the loss is always in our hearts. As the owner of a creative business, as the mother of a painter and the aunt to an aspiring artist I would love to send you something to remake and add to your project. Please let me know.

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