How to make your own Lemonade

Have you ever had homemade lemonade?  It is absolutely one of the most delicious, delightful beverages I have ever tasted.  I decided to make some on a whim, using my grandmothers cookbook as a guide.

You will need, 6 lemons, one cup sugar and two cups water.

Juice the lemons.  I did this over a strainer so I could easily remove the seeds.

Use a spatula to garner the juice from the pulp.

Boil 2 cups water, with one cup sugar, for 5 minutes.

Add the lemon juice to your sugar/water mixture (technically now a syrup) and allow to cool, about 20 minutes.

In a 2 quart container, add half cool water and half the lemon mix.  Adjust to taste – I had some left over I put aside because I don’t care for things too sweet or strong tasting.


I also have some uses for the lemon zest and rind, which I will share with you all later.
Do you make your own lemonade?  Or would you make it, knowing how simple it is?


12 thoughts on “How to make your own Lemonade

  1. This is the very first thing I made at my first 4-H foods project meeting when I was ten years old. Same recipe!
    Try two of those lemon halves (cups) to help you relax as yo become more beautiful….. Fix yourself a big glass of your favorite beverage. Sit at a table to sip it and meditate as you breathe deeply with elbows, in lemon cups, resting on the table. Scent soothes as lemon oil softens and vitamin C nourishes your (probably) dry skin.

  2. Well, I’ll certainly make it now, thanks to this post. But I might use Adam’s citrus squeezer, because I am obviously much, much lazier than you.

  3. I am good Liz thanks. Happy 2nd Birthday to your little bean!! Hope the party was wonderful, such a magical age. Gonna post my stuff off to you next week for P.Art. Are you excited about your project, bet you are! Have a great weekend my friend. Take good care of you and yours. Jane xxx

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  5. Hey Liz,
    Thanks for the recipe. I love homemade lemonade – there’s nothing as refreshing in the summer. I also like to add mint leaves or cloves, just to make it extra special 🙂
    Please share more recipes when you can.
    And happy birthday to your littlest one!!!

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