Only 5 more days to sign up for P.Art!

On May 21 P.Art will officially launch!  There are only 5 more days to sign up!  It’s only $10 to be a part of a really different, purposeful, and super fun project!  Send me something and I’ll make it into a fabric garland of flowers, and display it with your story in a public setting.  If you want to know what my flowers from fabric look like, you can see them here in my new shop on Zibbet (a really cool site, have you been? ) Etsy, and Papernstitch .  At the conclusion of the project, I will be making pet beds, and donating them to shelters with the remains from the garlands.  Of course, if you wish to have a part of your collection returned to you, it can be made into a pincushion, or made to display.  there are other fun rewards as well, I hope you will stop by and read about it!  Did I mention there is a video?  Yeah.  There’s a video 😉

This project is going to require a lot of time, patience and thought.  I cannot express to you how excited I am to work with your collections.  Additionally, I am beside myself at the thought of turning textiles that are otherwise forgotten, displayed and then put to good use, for good.

Please pass along this to your friends and other folks.  The more, the merrier, P.Art.




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