Fab Find Friday

One of the easiest, most fun things you can do with kids – is blow bubbles.  I carry a bottle with me everywhere.  I swear to you that’s true.  It keeps kids happy, and its so funny to watch toddlers go after them.  Fun, fun, fun.

For your bubble blowing pleasure;

These bubble wands are just amazing, you really have to check them out here

A silver bubble wand, I think this would make the best baby present, so fancy and fun and really unique.  And really, what would you use more?   A silver spoon or a silver bubble wand?

Celtic knot bubble wands, perfect for a party

These bubble wands from the 70’s,

And the best for last, a bubble wand necklace.  OMG.  I love this.


5 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday

  1. Bubbles in the purse, huh? So you’re one of those smart moms, I see. I bet you regularly have wipes, too.

    I love the idea of a silver bubble wand as a baby gift. I’m stealing that…

  2. Bubbles are just the best Liz, I am so with you on that. Funny little story, my son used to be scared of them if they got too big!! I know I shouldn’t laugh but it just used to be so funny, bless him x

  3. Sadly we never got that on film but we got him getting angry with sticky tape!!! Makes me pee myself (not literally) every time I watch it. Kids are just so funny even though they don’t mean to be!!

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