Making blankets

I know it’s been a little quiet here lately…there are some things hovering around here, some changes coming and some news.  These things are a bit distracting and have kept me from the blog, hopefully I will be able to share more later on.

But I thought I would share with you a blanket I made and finished up today for a friend who has to go undergo some chemotherapy.  As I understand it, that can make you feel cold (among other things), and I want to offer her a bit of comfort if I can.  So I made her this wrap, blanket, type thing that she can wear.  It is nice and long so it can be worn over her shoulders, or over her legs like a blanket.  It is made from quilters flannel which is nice and soft, and I quilted it a little to make sure it keeps it shape when it’s washed.

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I also added a side with pockets, one for a water bottle and the other for magazines or whatever she made need.  The blanket also folds up nicely so she can tuck it in her bag.

This was a nice distraction for me and I do hope she finds it helpful.

May you have a wonderful weekend.



8 thoughts on “Making blankets

  1. What a good idea to add pockets for things she might need! I know using the blanket you gave her will warm her body as well as her spirits. I hope she gets well very soon!

  2. It’s beautiful, and I bet it will add some emotional warmth to the treatment room as well. Thinking all the best for your friend; may she recover quickly.

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