Unexpected gestures of generosity and kindness

A little present came in the mail for me recently..

It had the sweetest little handmade card as well,

Inside is this beautiful sun catcher, that I put in my studio.

Blogging opens up many windows into people’s lives.  They may be small windows, even window shopping, like trolling DIY’ers and crafters.  But sometimes the window’s are a little larger, and what you write actually touches someone.

A girl who grew up in the same neighborhood as I did, but whom I had not seen in probably 20 years (god I feel old, but whatevs), has been following my blog and this is what she what she wrote to me. I’ve asked Tina if it was ok to share this and she said it was.

Sometimes when I put what I make and do out there, it feels a bit like narcissism, coupled with the fear no one will like what I’ve made or have to say.   Then I get a comment from a new or frequent reader, or I get something like this in the mail and I know someone was touched, and it makes the risk of putting myself out there totally worth it.




4 thoughts on “Unexpected gestures of generosity and kindness

  1. Liz—Pride in oneself and one’s achievements is necessary for self satisfaction! Since I taught in the school district where I grew up many of the students’ parents/grandparents knew me well. (Diamond, Mo. is a very small town.) My maiden name is Petty; I coined a term “Petty Pride” which, of course, is an oxymoron. When I told the Kidz (my term for my students) about myself… I talked about how I was taught to work hard and to do things well and right. And that I called the feeling “Petty Pride”. I named my sweet pickles, which I have made for nearly 40 years now, “Petty Pride Pickles”. It all became part of a unit on self confidence, self respect and a positive self concept. My Kidz always liked those lessons.
    Yes, ‘pride doth goeth before a fall[‘, but that’s when one has way too much pride… I don’t think you have too much.
    It is good that your friend shared! I like her sun catcher!!

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