Some bunnies for some little girls

I made some little sweater bunnies for my nieces who live in Maine, there are twin girls, who are two and a little one, just 6 months.

The big bunnies are for the older girls, each with an embroidered heart so that they can tell them apart.

And a blanket for the youngest one, along with a sweet bunny to match.

and of course, a cute little bunny tail!


2 thoughts on “Some bunnies for some little girls

  1. I love the one with the green and blue nose. It looks like it has an excellent outlook on life.

    Re: your earlier post, about the girls’ photos: I’m so sorry that you had a scary experience. I can only imagine…

    • Thanks Kate! The one with the blue green nose reminds me of something I might have had as a kid. And the creepy FB episode…yeah…totes not fun my friend but lesson learned!

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