Egg dying with natural materials

Dying with natural materials can be one of the most beautiful ways to dye eggs.  I have not done it myself, but I do marvel at the subtle beauty of it.  If you are interested in trying this yourself, I found a few sites that offer some how-to’s.  this one has a great list of materials you can use from your cupboard.

You can see lovely images of eggs dyed naturally over on Soule Mama; Warning – this may make you want to move to a farm in Maine.  This happens to me when I read her blog, and then I start thinking about how I can squeeze two chickens on my 5k lot.

Over at Serious Eats there is a really great tutorial, that I may try this weekend, and if you go to the bottom of the post there are the most beautiful eggs dyed with onion skins.  Also this post doesn’t seem like it would cost a lot to do, onions, beets, cabbage.  yum!


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