Some changes to how I feel about sharing my life on the internet

Friends, recently I had a scary encounter with a person I kept repeatedly blocking from my personal Facebook page, they made remarks about my children, so I now  feel that I need to change how I use my blog.

Going forward I will be sharing what I make professionally, as well as what I do with the children and their creations – but I will no longer be posting pictures of my girls.  I feel I may have been too relaxed thus far, and have now seen the light.
If you were friends with me on my personal Facebook page, please be sure to like my Artists page, Liz Noonan to continue to receive updates from me.  I do hope that you understand that this isn’t about most of the friendships I have fostered through blogging and twitter, but rather the unsavory experience with one bad apple.  It’s scared me enough to change how I am going to do this here on my blog.




7 thoughts on “Some changes to how I feel about sharing my life on the internet

  1. so so so sorry to hear you went thru that… I don’t have children and am always so interested/curious/concerned about what the ultimate results could be of opening up our lives, especially our children, on blogs and facebook. I am sad not to continue to see pics of your beautiful girls… but so completely understand your decision…. much love to you and your family and may you never have to go thru that again!

  2. That is awful!!! I am so sorry you had that happen. Scary stuff for sure- you do what you have to do to keep everyone safe and sound.
    All the best! Lisa

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