Egg dying!

Over the next couple of days I’m going to write about a couple of ways to dye eggs that have worked well with the kids.  Hopefully these will work for you, too.

Here are some pics from egg dying with oil to marbleize that I posted last year, it is my favorite way to color eggs.

We used canola oil – and you can marbleize the eggs or even just go for it all random (this is the best approach w/the under 8 set) and it makes for a beautiful egg!

See the oil on the top of the dye?  Isn’t that pretty?

It is very simple.

Fill your egg cup 2/3 way with water.

Add 1 tbs vinegar – the more vinegar you use the more brilliant the color.

Add your dye, either tablet or food coloring.

Add 1 tbs oil.

Roll the egg around and it will marbleize.  There are some great images of what it should look like if you do it properly here on Martha Stewart.


4 thoughts on “Egg dying!

  1. This may be of interest to you… Larry’s mother, who would have been 90 in Dec. 2011, told us how she dyed eggs when she was a child. Remember that fabric dyes were not “colorfast” then so to do this now-a-days one would
    have to find pre-1930’s fabric. She and her mother tore strips of fabric scraps and wrapped them around the raw eggs, tying the scraps onto the eggs. Then they boiled the eggs.. red ones in one pan, blue ones in another pan, etc. She said her favorites were when they used a piece of plaid fabric. I tried this with a few eggs and some old fabric we had found at Larry’s grandmother’s… it yielded soft colors. Kind of pretty. I am not so sure the eggs would be the safest to eat but didn’t seem to bother Helen and her family in the mid to late 1920’s. Happy Easter!!!

    • Happy Easter Linda! That is a great idea! I think next Easter I’ll start blowing out eggs a couple of months beforehand so that I have a lot of eggs to choose from w/out having to worry about wasting them. I bet the fabric dye was fine, probably safer than some food dyes, lol! Have a wonderful Easter! Love to you and the family! xo

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