Cashmere Bunny Remake tutorial, just in time for Easter crafting!

Well, perhaps you’ve been looking at my Facebook page, and you see I’ve been crafting my husbands old sweaters into little bunnies for my nieces and daughters.  I’ve promised you I’d make a tutorial, so here you go!  I will warn you – I am a very ad hoc person – I don’t measure, I live for the moment of making and also I love the freedom to alter things as I go.  If you decide to use this tute and blog about it, I’d love a little link love.  And if you want to sell something you’ve made using my tutorial, more power to  you!  Just please give me a little credit when you do and link to my blog, thanks!


Take an old sweater, this one is wool/cashmere blend

Cut off the arm of the sweater

Cut that in two

Use the widest part first, this is the bottom of the bunny and sew with a zig zag or serger.

Turn inside out


Then, take an elastic band, and cinch it to about 3/4 of the body of your stuffie.

Keep the rubber band on and use it to hold the shape while you sew around the top of the band.  This will separate the bottom of your bunny from the head.

Take off your rubber band, and you have a bottom!

Make a leg or two, I do this by going about 2 inches up the seam of the bottom, stitching straight up, and then pulling one stitch from the top to the bottom, and then anchoring it with a couple of stitches.

Next, sew up the face.  I invert the top, so that half of it is inside where the head will be.

Sew that up, and then sew a little across the inside, making a little triangle in the top (see above).  You may want to adjust how much you sew up, for the size of your bunnies face.

Turn right side out, and stuff!
For the ears, cut out two pieces of sweater, single thickness.  Select a fabric for the inside, I used a pink canvas weight.

Make the liner of the ear almost as big as the sweater ear.

Pin the sweater part so it overlaps.  There is bulk here, but it gives the ears shape and tone.

Gather stitches at the bottom, and attach ears to the top of the head.

Sew the ears on each side of the bunny head, make sure to tuck the ears inside the head.  I didn’t worry about seams and such since this is a recycle bunny after all and not meant to be fussy.

Here is  where you have to get creative and go with your senses – I sort of tuck and stitch the shape of the face, you sort of have to feel it out for yourself.

And lastly?  Button eyes and applique nose, and heart on the belly.  Also, no arms.  Why?  Because frankly I like the bunny better without the arms.  You can see the bunnies on my Facebook page.  But if you neeeeed arms, just stuff some sweater parts and sew them on.

I didn’t take pics of this bc this bunny isn’t finished yet and I’m going away for a few days but didn’t want to leave folks waiting for their bunny tute.

Voila!  Finished!
If you have questions or feedback, I would love to hear it!




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