Sometimes thrifting is magical

I know, lofty title for my post.  But let me tell you – sometimes thrifting IS like magic for me. It can lift me from a “mood” or make me feel like I’ve won a million bucks, and usually it costs me less than $20.  I love it.  I wish I could do it more.

You may have heard me mention I’m working on remaking my work space, I scored some great tables or counters…not sure what they are called…but anyhow – the guy I bought them from?  Yeah.  He was a major jerkasaurus.  He was such a macho pain in the ass he almost ruined my day.  But the tables were awesome, he agreed to use his truck to bring them to me, and since I was sending my husband Adam to deal with him I figured it would work out.  And I also knew, that the jerkasaurus would be nice to Adam, and he was.

Anyhow, after having the meeting with the jerkasaurus with the awesome tables, I decided to hit my fave thrift on the way home, just a quick look in.  I wanted to find some buttons for my friend Jane, from Kooksgingerboy.  Well, they were all out of buttons (who knew???  don’t they always have buttons at thrift stores?), but straight in front of me was this!

It’s a huge needlework portrait, like 2’x3′
And it looks JUST like my sweet girl, Millie!

I need to take a picture of her next to it, because it really is uncanny.

Here are some details of the piece,

It was a magical day, and such good luck, to find this!  Don’t you agree?


9 thoughts on “Sometimes thrifting is magical

  1. I agree- thrifting really is the best- and when I lived in Chicago it was what I did when I needed a break. I miss the great thrifts of the midwest!

  2. no, I meant CHUFFED as mintballs, lol, Not sure where the chugging came from, did my puter auto correct the spelling YIKES.

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