P.Art updates

Hey folks!

So – we are funded and even over funding!  Which is fantastic!  What does this mean now?

There is still time for folks to sign up for P.Art, and I do hope you will help me spread the word!  We have 43 days left for people to sign up.  Thirteen of you  are going to be a part of this project  in some way.  After the end date of May 21, you can start sending me your items.  I am putting no limits on how many items you can send!  As long as you are willing to part with it, I will take it and make beautiful floral garlands with it.
You know what would be great?  If we could get more people to join in.  The more garlands I can make, the better the project will be.  If you are on the fence about parting with something for P.Art – don’t be!  Trust me, that old shirt/skirt/napkin/table cloth will never have a better purpose than to be repurposed into art.

How can you spread the word?  Click on this link, and share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or email.  Thank you!





4 thoughts on “P.Art updates

  1. Hi Liz,

    Will you be sending a reminder when we should send you our item(s)? If not, should I just send them on May 21st? Thanks Liz, I am super excited for this.


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