Project #17 Finished!

Okay, this was my favorite.  I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but…I do and this is it!

DeeDee sent me this amazing collection….I fretted over what to do with those lovely panels…they were exquisitely made and I sort of hated to cut them  up but knew I had to.

I must tell you before the reveal, this is also a bitter-sweet post for me because it concludes the 25 Project.  17 People sent me their collections and I am so, incredibly honored that so many of you offered your support in different ways.

I plan on doing a revisit of the 25 project over the next few months, to talk in detail about the one’s that really touched me.  It will be nice to have some time to reflect on what this project meant to me, and hopefully you will share what it meant for you, too.

I do hope you will continue to come back and read my blog, and also be a part of my next Kickstarter project, P.Art.

About DeeDee.  DeeDee is an amazing, beautiful, creative, open, generous person.  Her style, I would venture to say, is an eclectic mix of romance and cool.  She and I have fostered a friendship over our similar feelings on parenting and although we don’t get together often, when we do it’s like time hasn’t gone by, I love that.  She may be the one person I know who would give me a collection so gorgeous, and very, very grown-up….and be okay with me making into one extravagant toy!

Yep, it’s a canvas painted with magnetic chalkboard paint.  I thought that this would make a wonderful “toy” that she could display and have it be something she might actually like anyhow.

Here are some details of the dolls.

DeeDee can change the scenery for her “dolls” and change it up with a damp cloth.

Can you imagine having such a toy as a child?  I would have simply swooned for this as a young girl!

Best part for me?  You can store the rest of the dolls on the back, you know, cause it’s magnetic.  Awesome or what?????

Look at them all, it’s like they are at some swanky doll party that got out of hand….man, I wish I could go to a party like that.


7 thoughts on “Project #17 Finished!

  1. OH! WOW! I do love this! Would my grand daughters ever love one! There is some Dolly Dingle print cotton fabric I have seen and I have some of it. I may have to hunt for sme more andmake them magnetic dolls. I never even dreamed of that! I did not know there is “magnetic” chalkboard paint. Wish I had had that when I was teaching!!!

    • I have to say – it is really cool! I am going to make some for my girls, but I’m thinking of making them by printing their pics on photo fabric, it would be so great!

  2. Liz, this is awesome! Thanks so much for commenting on my story and thanks too for introducing me to the world of your artwork! Looking forward to following in the future. 🙂

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