Project #15, Finished!

Yes, it did take me a very, very long time to finish Tran’s project and I do apologize for that!  In retrospect I should have just started it in February, since 2 out of 3 of my girls have January bday’s and well, you know, vacations, flu’s, etc., made it impossible for me to get much done.  Additionally I ran into a materials issue, the items I ordered still hadn’t come after 2 weeks of waiting and by the time it was resent, it was actually the wrong size. *sigh*  I ended up doing this entirely myself and had not wanted to break out the xacto knife after my little incident with it the last time, but I was able to overcome my fears and get it done.

Tran had asked if I would please make 3 small things for her children.  Now ties, they are slippery and difficult to sew.  I did manage to get some sewed together, thinking I would make 3 small pillows,  but by the time I did it, I wasn’t crazy about the look.  So I decided to go with 3 small books, and I did the coptic binding myself, which isn’t perfect, but I do think it came out nicely!  I used a combination of sewing and gluing to adhere the silk to the book boards, it is tough to work with that slippery silk!  I also used vintage buttons for a closure, and used the linen thread for the loop.  I like using as few elements as possible to maintain the sentiment behind the focus material.

You can see how I used the bottom of the tie to use as a flap for the closure, I like how this still reads “tie” but not overtly.

This isn’t technically Coptic binding, which sews through the paper, I had a limited budget and didn’t want to purchase more tools so I kind of used a couple of different approaches using what I had on hand.


So here you go, 3 small books, for 3 little children.  I bet Tran and her husband will fill these with sweet sentiments for each child.




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