De-stash Party!


Hey bloggy crafty friends!

I started spring cleaning – and I realize that I have quite a few things that I never, ever use – but that someone else may really love!  I know many of my bloggy friends and readers have the same problem, so I’m throwing a little De-stash Party!


Here is how it works.

You do not have to have a blog!

You can fit as much as you like in a USPS general mailer tyvek envelope (I think they are roughly 11″x18″), other kind of mailer of a similar size, or a small box.

While it is de-stash – that doesn’t mean trash!  If it’s partially used, that’s fine, just make sure it’s still worthy of passing along to a friend.

It can be whatever you want!  Fabric, paper, supplies, tools, etc.

Have something fab and new but it seems teeny tiny in the big ole’ envelope?  Think quality over quantity then!

I will match people up, so go ahead and comment below and leave the following info – be as detailed or as simple as you’d like to be.

Leave your, name, and email – or if you don’t want to post your email go ahead and email me your info at

Let me know what you may be de-stashing and what you may like in return, that way you will (hopefully) get a good match.

After I match folks up I will do an exchange of addresses.

Retweet on Twitter or share this on your blog – remember to link to this post or my site so folks know where to sign up!

Mail all of your goodies by March 5.

That’s it!
Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Email me!







38 thoughts on “De-stash Party!

  1. Sounds like a great idea Liz!!! I have tons of scrapbook paper supplies and beads I could trade for ribbons, rubber stamps or inks.

  2. Yay! how fun! I would love to participate! I got plenty of extra fabric, felt, ribbon, and odds and ends. would love to get some vintage fabric, button, spools of thread. anything vintage would rock my world! 🙂 or lace. love me some lace!
    USA only please
    craftaholicsanon at gmail dot com

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  4. What a great idea. I have lots of fabric odds and ends and would love to get fabric, buttons or ribbon in return…

    USA only please

    Thanks so much!

  5. Hi cutie! I have embossing stuff for stamping -brand new – fabrics, novelty buttons, loads of bias tape, scrapping doo-dads and more!. Would love to receive sewing patterns (vintage or new or used), non-plastic buttons, iron on transfers or old quilt magazines.

    This ROCKS!! Can I be matched up with more than one person? I could easily fill 3 or 4 envelopes/boxes….and overseas is fine 🙂


  6. Very kewl! I just de-stashed in my craft shop and to a friend, but I do have a card making book and I could scrounge up some card making supplies to go with it (like paper and slightly used books of rub-ons). I also have some eyelash yarn in fun colors, beads, fabric, knitting needles, zippers and fancy trim.

    I can always use fabric, embroidery supplies, linen thread, yarn, elastic, lace, buttons, ribbon, copics, prismacolor pencils, alcohol inks, pitt pens or sketch paper. (those last 5 are wishful thinking… like anyone would want to give up those amazing supplies!) 😉

    I prefer shipping within North America (eg Canada, USA and Mexico).

  7. count me in – should be a fun way to move stuff along! those who have posted before me looking for vintage…hmmm, I may have some to add to my envelope. No telling at this point what I may find.

  8. I would love to participate in this but I have all of my crafty stuff packed away in boxes in anticipation of our upcoming move – tag me when you do it again in a couple months and I’m IN. Thanks!!

  9. What a great idea! My destash includes beads, embroidery fabrics and fibers, cross stitch patterns, sewing patterns, fabric pieces, and who knows what else.

    I have no problem shipping internationally.

  10. WHAT I HAVE: fabric, fabric, all kinds of fabric….. patterns plus size, retro patterns various sizes, decor fabric, fashion fabric, quilting fabric.

    Wanted: zippers, more zippers, magnetic buttons, cover your own buttons, patches, fabric, retro 50 full skirt dresses apron patterns, amy butler patterns, bag patterns, purse patterns, vintage or odd buttons.

  11. Hi Liz, how brilliant is all this!! Loads of people with loads of stuff to pass on, I love it! I have lovely patterned papers, buttons galore, ribbons and material scraps and probably much more, all good stuff. Count me in for sure. I will sent to anywhere, obviously on this planet, not sure on postage to the moon these day. Jane x

  12. I have some small vintage & contemporary fabric pieces I would love to share. I would love to get some sewing, embroidery, crochet items: especially fabric, buttons, ribbon, vintage embroidery or crochet patterns. I can always take vintage sewing patterns that are unwanted too! Sorry, have to go domestic US only right now.

  13. How fun!

    I have: LOADS of vintage buttons and wool felt from garments (sweaters, coats, etc.)

    I’d like: wool roving, smooth roundish river rocks, acorn caps with stems, hemp cording, handmade paper… anything natural, eco-friendly, vintage, etc. I’m open.

    US only please. (buttons get heavy)

  14. i forgot my email ravenztarot@ yahoo. com

    i would like to ship usa but let me know if you need a match for outside usa.

  15. I have a bunch of yarn – sock and a bit thicker that I am not going to use. I also have some older cross stitch patterns.

    Would love to have more scrap booking materials as I’m just starting into that craft – lord help me!!

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  17. I have some paper that I’d love to destash. Thick papers, some sparkly, some with unusual textures and effects. I’d love some sort of buttons, postage stamps or paper empherema — vintage would be nice but not necessary. Surprise me! 🙂

  18. I emailed you!
    I have scrapbooking supplies and/or fabric to send. And I’d to recieve fabric, vintage, notions, buttons, patterns, girly stuff, I have two baby girls :).


  19. Thanks for the invite; I am in! The timing is perfect for me, and if possible, I would like to do more than one package. I have fabric, both yardage and smaller pieces, and plenty of other sewing supplies, buttons, trims, etc. I also have some vintage stamped embroidery panels, some other vintage notions, and magazines and patterns. I also have some beads, but will only include these with other sewing stuff (can’t do a beads only package). I also might have some yarn to share.
    Need sewing stuff in return. Fabrics, patterns that would fit or be useful, supplies, notions, mags, etc. Also could use pretty papers or stone beads.
    I could do 3 within the U.S., possibly ship elsewhere within North America.
    Thanks again for the invite!

  20. I have a lot of different fabrics with different themes and also some smaller scraps. I also have some tiny scrapbook punches I can part with and maybe some misc craft supplies.

    I would like fabric in return and card stock–maybe with patterns if possible.

  21. I have a ton of card making/scrapbook materials (papers, card, card toppers, buttons, beads etc) that I’d like to swap for fabric if anyone’s interested? I’ll happily ship to the US too!

  22. Hey Liz!! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I’d love to participate.
    I have a pretty paper flower (white with white pearl) to give, and hope for buttons in return. Any kind of buttons will do (don’t ask, I’m developing a mini-button-mania these days).

    p.s. I think you have my address already, but I’ll email it to you just in case.

  23. I have some fabric, vintage spools of various coloured threads and beads (mostly semi precious) to destash.

    would be hopeful of any vintage buttons (I use them to make dolls/monsters) and vintage-y oddments like old keys, and doilies (more doll making)

  24. Hello!
    I found a few things to de-stash 🙂
    Sent you an email! Woot woot!

    What I have:
    First package:
    Plymouth Yarns: Baby Alpaca Lace-weight-yarn, pink (50gr-437 yrds) Plymouth yarns -3 skeins
    Plymouth Yarns: Dye for me Baby Llama, white DK (125 gr- 318 yrds) -2 skeins
    Knit Picks: Simply cotton sport, yellow (Col #C707) 100% organic cotton (50gr-164 yrds) -2 balls
    Schaeffer Yarn, Anne, Partial ball in reds (I have no idea how many yards are left, but I only cut off a few yards from the whole to tie stuff with) 1 ball
    Second package:
    Plymouth Yarns Royal Llama Linen (40% Fine Llama, 35% silk, 25% linen), oatmeal coloured, 50gr-109 yrds, 7 skeins


    What I would like:
    Vintage buttons, vintage patterns (only before 1960), yarn, or roving. I would also take vintage, handmade doilies in return (white, or off white), since I have a project in mind! But it would have to be quite a few LOL
    I can only trade with a non smoking home! (Sorry, I react badly to smoke, but I don’t mind pets one bit)
    I have pictures posted on my blog, if you like to see…
    Looking forward!
    Thank you, Liz!

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  26. I forgot to say that I have some vintage buttons, lace, and a probably a few sewing patterns that I can share. I also have vintage crochet/knitting patterns if anyone is interested in that. Looking forward to it!

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