Bloggy Thanks

You may be reading this because you have your own blog – and if you do then you understand that real friendships may be forged from blogging.

I have been so lucky to have made many friends through the world of blogging, and one of them, Jane – has just sent me a most generous gift.  She made these wonderful earrings and I commented on how much I loved them.  So wouldn’t you know?  Jane sent me two pair.  I was so touched!  They are wonderful, and so light I can wear them all day.


She also added goodies for my girls.  Little rabbits necklaces to color, and a pair of bobby pins each.  All were gift wrapped in their own little paper envelope that I am certain Jane made herself.  Presentation people!  Look at how adorable this is!

I think that when you love to make things, making little things for children can bring you so much joy.

My eldest, Annabelle has been wearing hers every day since Jane sent them.  And Millie, my most decidedly opinionated girl, who loves her wild hair, wild – wears them every day too.

And doesn’t Miss Eloise look adorable with her little orange barrette?

Thank you Jane, for your kind words, generosity and friendship!



4 thoughts on “Bloggy Thanks

  1. Well Liz, you certainly know how to make a person cry don’t you my friend. How utterly kind of you to dedicate such a lovely blog post to little old me and my stuff. You do not know how much this means to me and these gifts could not have gone to four lovelier people. A million thank you’s and I am really glad your beautiful girls like their hairpins too! You are so right, very real friendships are forged through blogs, twitter etc and long may they and ours last. Have a great week and thanks again and again and again… you get the idea. J xxxxx

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