Bird Treats!

Today is Get Your Craft On Tuesday over at Today’s Creative blog so head on over for some more crafty ideas!

I thought I would share with all of you a bunch of bird treats I made with the girls last week.  Pretty easy and super fun!

Get some Crisco, peanut butter, and bird seed (also some oatmeal would probably be good and make it a little more sturdy for hanging).

A glob of both shortening and peanut butter

A scoop or two of bird seed

moosh together!  And put the mix in muffin tins, put a straw in the middle if you want to hang them.

Let them freeze a couple of hours and then pop them out.

hang those suckers from a tree or put them on your fence for the birdies (or in our case, the squirrel mafia who run the hood’)

Done!  Happy kids, happy birds!

5 thoughts on “Bird Treats!

  1. I save grease from cooking for the birds… I guess I really don’t have much grease anymore since we eat very little red meat. Maybe you don’t either.
    One of our meat favorites, which we still do sometimes is country ribs.
    I do trim all fat when I prepare the ribs and render it to make bird cakes.

    Looks like your girls liked the experience.

  2. Such a cute idea! Leila & Laurel love to help fill the bird feeders we have in the yard but these are way cuter than those. We’ll definitely be making these soon! Thanks for sharing

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