Fab Find Friday

So for Valentines Day I decided to go for an eclectic mix of gifties.  No chocolate.  No wine.  No fancy baubles. What else is there then?


It’s all about comfort my friends!  Looky, lookie, at what I found on Etsy! Show some love by lounging with your loved one!  It’ll be like sleeping on a frilly rainbow!

BACON SOAP! Bacon is the new mustache!  If I never want to be left alone again I will bathe in bacon soap.

And over at Sunny Side of Life, they have a mustache glass for all you hipster folks to complete your lounging, bacon scented selves.  Heck you should get a whole set so you and your friends can all be stached’ out for the big day.  I want pictures if you do this, please.

Pillows, bacon, mustache….I must be forgetting something….oh yeah – leg warmers!  For your dogs.  It’s cold outside and your dog needs them!  What kind of dog parent are you?

Get them over on The Hydrant!

(How cute is this dog?)

7 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday

  1. thanks for including my glasses and love your site. I love that you share what you find. I am the only creative person in my family so everyone stares at me when I get excited about finding dog leg warmers but there’s a whole world of people who feel like me out there. My dream is to find time one day to make a blog.

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