Fab Find Friday

Well, everyone in my house has been sick for what feels like an entire month.  So I decided to dedicate this Fab Find Friday to medicinal therapies I found over on Etsy.

English toffee – Wonderful for a sore throat!  These are from Sweet Lollipop Shop

Hoarhound candy, my grandmothers favorite go-to for anything from a tummy ache to a sore throat, I love the stuff!  And they also make it organic, what could be better?  Oh wait, they are shaped like teddy bears!  Yep, organic, medicinal and cute.   Nom, Nom, Nom.  Find them here on Mistical Acscents.

Or maybe some throat coat tea?  I love this stuff – I usually use Traditional Medicinals, but I may give this shop, Earth Wonder Herbals a try – something about loose leaf tea just makes it taste better to me, I admit I’m a tea snob!

And I love an ice pack for the forehead, that really helped bring our fevers down over here today.  This elephant from SaSa Originals would coordinate well in a modern style nursery – practical and decorative!

Keep your fingers crossed for me that the dreaded high fevers are gone tomorrow, and that my husband, baby and I don’t end up with this too!

Have a great weekend!



(just an FYI – I never take anything for anything I write about here, you are getting my honest opinion)

12 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday

  1. I love that you can get hoarhound on Etsy. How awesome is that? (Okay, I’ll answer: REALLY AWESOME.)

    Hope everyone feels much better, and hope the rest of you fend off the Dreaded Virus. Hang in there…

  2. I am praying for your family to get well. Thanks for the tip about the shops on Etsy.I appreciate it when someone reccommends the naturals. If more people would share their finds like this I think it would make a difference in how we react to the common illnesses of a vicious cycle each winter. Helping each other this way can only be a good thing is my thinking.

  3. Really fab finds Liz, just looking at those bears could make you feel better. Hope you escape the fever and that everyone is back to full health soon. You have a great weekend too! J x

  4. I’m deeply honoured that you featured my horehound candies! It never occured to me to market them with the rest of my herbal creations until someone desperately inquired if I made them. Only when I looked around did I realize that almost no one makes them anymore. That such a traditional and time honoured remedy would be so embraced again makes me very proud to help perpetuate this venerable craft!

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