Another special birthday girl

My eldest daughter, Annabelle, turned 7 on Sunday.

I cannot believe she once looked like this

Annabelle at almost 2

And now like this.

I remember when she was just a few months old I was in angst over her getting bigger, because I held her all the time and couldn’t imagine her not being in my arms and crawling away.  Turned out I needn’t have worried about that since she was the ultimate mama’s girl and didn’t even crawl.  Annabelle scooted around on furniture and went straight to walking the day before her first birthday.

Now she is seven.  She has real opinions that are her own.  She wants to be an astronaut, and since she has inherited a double dose of stubborn will, we are afraid she might actually do it and we will worry about her forever. She has her own sense of style and interests, and is sensitive, kind, beautiful and generous.  I can remember when she was about 2 I had to stop her from giving away everything she had to anyone who wanted it.

In our family I make a cheesecake for the birthday person, they are kind of hard to decorate though – I covered her cake in a sugar glaze that I attempted to make it look like the night sky – my middle daughter, Millie, was less than impressed but Annabelle liked it just fine….gotta love the honesty of children…Millie is right, it’s not the best looking – but it tastes amazing!

Here is what I made for her, a little camera bag with planets on it, she loves Mars especially and of course, Saturn because of all the rings.

How do they grow up so quickly?


6 thoughts on “Another special birthday girl

  1. Happy Birthday to Annabelle (such a pretty name)!!! As always, your gifts to your little girls are super creative and thoughful. And the cheesecake looks great, too 🙂 Gotta love those blues and yellows.

  2. The cheese cake looks so cool! You should make another one and perfect it… then submit pics to a magazine such as “Family Fun”. With this being and anniversary year for the Shuttle mishap and of so many other space-related things…. a mag may like to do a story. Cheesecake is a very popular food right now also. (Check out the beach cakes on past summers’ covers of either Fam. Circle or Woman’s Day). I have made my versions of those beach cakes for my birthday in July… the cakes were for the grndkids and they helped decorate them. One cute idea was to use Teddy Grahams for the beach playmates… big lifesavers for them to “float” in and sticks of bright-colored gun for beach towels.
    The camera bag is so cute!!!

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