Snow Ice Cream!

I can NOT believe that I have lived in the Northeast almost my entire life and never made snow ice cream until last week.  I was skeptical that it would work, but it does and oh my goodness it is easy!  This is a really fun, easy thing to do with the kids.

I used this recipe from Paula Deen y’all!



Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.

We also made a batch with lemon extract and agave nectar added to the condensed milk, I think that tasted the best.

Today is also Get Your Craft On Tuesday over at Todays Creative Blog – head on over for some crafty goodness!

5 thoughts on “Snow Ice Cream!

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  2. Now… Larry’s mom, Dean’s Aunt Helen, made peppermint flavored snow ice cream when Larry was little.

    Have you been reading Laura Ingalls Wilders’ books to the girls? We (my sisters and I) love(d) those! One of my sisters is named Laura…

    Anyway… My mother made fudge, like “Ma” did, and we dropped hot fudge syrup into pans of snow to let it harden…. Yum! Best hot fudge sundae ever!!!

    I will have to find the recipe for old-fashioned Hershey”s fudge and send it to you…

  3. Condensed milk is such a comfort food in my family that I was curious recently when I came across a mention of it in my current reading matter One Continuous Picnic by Michael Symons . Now I have found that when sweetened it was called condensed milk and when unsweetened it was called evaporated milk. Although I did notice the claim on my modern Nestle tin that it is made from fresh milk which made me laugh because by the time you get it out of the tin it is most definitely not fresh.

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