New things

Sometimes new things are great things.  I like to work with old things, but sometimes new is good too.  Like my “main” sewing machine.  It’s newish.  And thanks to Mimi Kirchner, I now have a fantastic extension table for it that will make all my sewing problems melt like butter on a hot stove……what – I can fantasize can’t I?

Look  at this baby.  She’s clean, she’s clear and she will give me so much more room to work with!

AND there is a built in ruler – okay I don’t use rulers but what if I all of a sudden need one?  It’s right there!!!

But there is NO WAY my studio will stay this clean.  Ever.  That was clean for like a minute and then I made something.  Now it is back to pit status.

Also I should mention that I bought this for myself, as a present from my husband, he had no idea but was very happy with the purchase all in all – less swearing from me in my studio at night.


8 thoughts on “New things

  1. Hey! Your studio is looking good! Guess what??? I have a roll of fabric very much like the green with peachy-pink flowers one you are using for “screen”. Am ready to start moving furniture in my sewing room/studio. Could we be soul mates???
    Hugs to our Boston Cousins!

    • lol! that was a curtain that was in Millie’s nursery when we lived in Lowell! I couldn’t bear to throw it out so yes, now it hides more of my junk! Great minds think alike!

  2. What beauties that machine and table are! Lucky you. I can feel lots of Liz Noonan projects coming on!!!

    I am lucky to have a sensitive boy, he has always been the same. Writing down his memories in a book is a fab idea Liz, thanks. J xx

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