Project 14 finished!

Project number 14 was given to me by my mother, Paula.  My mother loves, loves, loves clothes and bags – especially really big bags.
She gave me a linen skirt to work with, the wrong size but really beautiful fabric, black linen with some silver grommet details.  For some reason I cannot find the photos of the skirt before I took it apart, which makes this a less dramatic reveal, so I apologize for that.

Basically I turned the skirt into a bag, like this one from Akiko Mano’s book,Linen, Wool, Cotton: 25 Simple Projects to Sew with Natural Fabrics, a fantastic book with beautiful photos and wonderful, simple projects.

My mother loved this bag and we were going to make it together the next time she comes up for a visit.  The skirt was a perfect candidate for a remake into a bag.  I used the hemline as handles and used some of the remnants to make flower details.  Also you may notice a bit of wool plaid, that was from a skirt that belonged to my grandmother, and the colors make a nice complement to all the black linen.

The color black and black linen is super difficult to photograph, I’ve been struggling with just the right way to take a photo.  The bag is unstructured, so that proved to be a problem making it look as nice in a photograph as it does in person.  It’s a pretty cool looking bag and I think my mother will like it. Adding that bit of my grandmothers’  skirt to it puts  a sentimental touch on things, which will make it even more special.

Next up Project 15 – details soon!


6 thoughts on “Project 14 finished!

  1. I can visualize the before and you did a fabulous job turning it into a bag. I love your version of it even more. I have a daughter that loves those kind of bags and you have inspired me to turn a skirt into one for her. Thanks for all your wonderful posts that inspire others to reach their full potential in crafting.

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