Happy Holidays!

I’ll be taking a blog break to celebrate the holidays with my family, so I thought I would share some festive pics from our home

our front door wreath, made by my besty, Andy

our tree

our yearly visit to santa, complete w/snowglobe to commemorate, this is our 4th year

a little tree and a grapevine wreath we made this fall

A pink church

a lucky cat
My sweet toddler





7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. The pink church made me gasp! So beautiful… The tree on the wreath is great… I have wild grapevine, Virginia creeper and honeysuckle in our yard and love to walk around the yard and make wreaths of varying sizes. Have Nandina and buck brush berries is I can beat the birds to them. The birds almost always get holly berries before I do Cedar waxwings swoop in and in short order the berries are gone. I think Cardinals get the dogwood. They are gone quickly also.
    Love and prayers for your White family from our James Family!

  2. Love your blog Liz. I’m enjoying looking at older posts and your Christmas decor is beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful break to be with family. Thanks for sharing your talents with everyone.

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