Mass Art Presidential Report featured my “25 Project”!

Hey folks!  Some pretty cool news – my “25 People, 25 Bucks, 25 pieces of Art” was featured in Mass Art’s Presidential Report entitled “Making History”.  In it I talk a little about my Kickstarter project, there are a couple of images of work made so far and there is a little about the process too.

Come read more about my project, here, on Kickstarter and read my interview here, at Mass Art.

I’ll be launching another, similar project after January 1 so if you are interested drop me an email at or leave a comment below.




4 thoughts on “Mass Art Presidential Report featured my “25 Project”!

  1. What drew me into the project was your passion and eagerness to get into our (participants) heads. Some of us you knew…….some you didn’t and the results are stunning. It opened my eyes to what you can learn about people when you truly, deeply listen to them. You listen very well Liz……astonishingly well! Can’t wait for the next project! Thanks to Claire for introducing us!

    Cheers and congrats on the article!


  2. I look at my wreath every morning. It is so personal. I’m grateful you did this project. I adore what you made me and I love how I look at everything slightly different now.

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