Take a seat…

When I think about hosting a holiday or party I think “Oh my god, where am I going to put everyone?”.   Honestly this isn’t a real problem, I have a mish mash of chairs that have been bought second-hand or found. 

So in spirit of the upcoming holiday’s, for this post I decided to share some pictures of the chairs that we use to celebrate the holiday with (or force people to sit in).

My very first second hand store furniture purchase, I bought it 17 years ago, and it is my most favorite chair – A tweed upholstered modern chair, with ottoman, in fantastic shape (no thanks to my cats or kids!).

A beautiful ladies chair that I found on the street on trash day, that I lugged into my car while 9 months pregnant – I had to have that chair!  It’s really lovely, a perfect size for a little one or gabbing on the phone with a cup of tea.   I wanted to reupholster it because it seems to have been loved – quite a bit – by a cat, but I don’t want to cover this beautiful fabric…I’m working on that one, how to keep the fabric, but cover the chair – an exercise in Houdini reupholstering, stay tuned.

A set of very nice, almost new, padded dinner table chairs – four of them – and they match (this is rare for me)!  They are so comfy on my flattish Irish bottom-side.

A beautiful oak desk chair – that is not comfortable, but my husband always volunteers to use when we have guests.   I use this on in my studio quite a bit and that’s where is lives, normally.

I love this shade of blue, I found this chair at a thrift store in Chelmsford, MA while looking for that perfect student desk chair that would fit a 3 year old.  We now keep it in the hallway upstairs and it is perfect to use as a step stool.

A set of two chairs, that when we lived in Lowell, someone was throwing out – the same day we were moving, it was a little crazy to go after them but the older girls love them and they have been through two paint transformations so far, and we are already discussing a new shade of green for this summer’s painting.

A chair on our front porch for the small people to use when gazing out the window if it’s too cold to play outside.  I found this on the street one day, just a couple over from where we live now and my sister told me I only have so long to pick our neighbors’ trash lest I embarrass my girls, she’s right!

But for now the girls find treasure in the trash, too.  Just the other day, my oldest, Annabelle told me not to throw something out “I can use it to make a robot, mom”, guess I’ve taught her well.


8 thoughts on “Take a seat…

  1. Hi Liz,
    To say your artistic imagination is amazing, would be an absolute understatement!!!
    You are awesome with everything you get your hands on…..you are unbelievable!!! 😉
    ~Nikki B.~

  2. Wonderful collection of chairs and stories to go with.

    The upholstered chair – Are the cushions removable? You could re-do the body of the chair with a solid color fabric and leave the original fabric on the cushions.

  3. Dear Liz,
    Your posts are amazing as always. As I was reading this one, I thought, wow, that’s an awesome shape for a chair (the green one at the top), then thought the same thing for all of them 🙂 I love your chairs!!!
    I like how they each have a story of how they came to your home – not just the typical “went to the store to buy a chair” story. It would have been a shame if these lovely pieces ended in the trash, so I’m happy you gave them a second chance.
    And your daughters will grow up following your eco-friendly example, I’m sure. They are already so artistic (love the hearts on the green chairs, btw), like their mother 🙂
    – M

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