Shameless self-promotion

I wanted to update you all on some pretty exciting news for me – I’ve been featured in The Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Presidential Report, in the “Alumni Spotlight.” The report isn’t available online yet, but  you may see past issue’s here:

Inside the report I talk about working with Kickstarter – a pretty amazing group of folks who help artists find funding for their work, but with a unique way of doing it.  With Kickstarter you pledge the money and you get a reward, so it’s not a charitable donation but rather an investment in the artist and the project – a new kind of collaboration.  Additionally the artists only receive funding if they are able to obtain all of what they ask for.  This is an excellent way to force some of us artists to really consider the financial side of what our goals need to achieve success.

Meanwhile, I will be taking applications for consideration for another, more in depth project that draws upon my “25 Project.” I’ll be launching the new project through Kickstarter after January 1.  I will be limiting this next project to just 5 people to really focus on the items you send.  If you would like to see what I’ve made for others so far, you can see them here

If you have an item that you may want transformed, contact me at  with your name, along with the details on your object.  I’ll be posting formal guidelines through Kickstarter once the project is launched.

If you are an artist looking to collaborate, I would love to hear from you, too!

As soon as the report is available online I’ll be posting it here.  Thank you for reading my shameless plug.



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